Frequently asked questions

Do you offer math tutoring?

No. We specialize in reading and writing instruction for struggling students in K-12. Students learn reading and writing basics, improve their fluency, comprehension, and overall focus.

Do you also work with students with special needs?

Yes. Our groups are composed of general education students and students with special needs.

Can you tell me about your coaches?

We make sure to pick only those who want to become teachers or are already teachers. We hire college students who have chosen teaching as a carreer path and credentialed teachers with excellent references.

Do you have a special education teacher on staff?

Yes. Our Education Specialist has a Mild/Moderate Disabilities credential and a Masters in Special Education with an Option in Mild/Moderate Disabilities.

Do you perform background checks on your employees?

Yes. Before getting hired, all employees go through a background check. Once hired, a new background check is processed for every employee every year.

Am I required to stay in the facility?

Yes. You (or an authorized adult) are required to stay in the facility. Each session is just 1 hour. Our waiting areas are ample and comfortable.

Can I drop off my student and pick him/her up at the end of the session?

No. Each student should be accompanied by an adult. You could, however, drop off your student with an adult you have authorized on the application.

Can a direct support provider attend the session instead of me?

Yes. As long as you authorize the adult in the application.

What can I expect the first time I go with my student?

We will ask you to fill out the application and emergency forms. You will authorize us to work with your student. Then we perform a quick 5-20 minute reading/writing assessment. We share the findings with you. You choose once a week or twice a week tutoring sessions. Sessions can begin immediately.